What is I Love Blended Learning?


‘I Love Blended Learning’ focuses upon consolidating blended learning strategies in 10 Design Programs of HE and VE in the College of Design and Social Context. The project builds on and takes further current and previous projects which reveal that DSC-College contains key intellectual and technical capability to develop successful blended learning solutions. This project will combine this inherent capacity with student contributions towards the creation of a consolidated Blended Learning Toolkit. The Toolkit development program will use co-design methodologies; where invited student stakeholders will collaborate with exceptional blended learning users (‘Digital Ninjas’) and developers (teachers and service designers) within participating programs. This bottom-up collaboration, and the assistance of blended learning experts, will guarantee that the toolkit incorporates aspects responsive to the needs and expectations of students within each participating program. The project’s disseminations strategy will encourage the uptake of the Blended Learning Toolkit across the University and ultimately aims to establish a new and inclusive narrative of Blended Learning.

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